Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can YOU feel the beat? - Winners announced!

Dear comrades,

At first we want to thank everybody of the 99 remixers that submitted their work to the contest for their contribution. We are proud to see there is so much exceptional talent in our fan base and with people like you stirring up the scene, our movement has a big and bright future, but now to the part all of you have been waiting for:

The supreme commander and his staff of advisors have passed their verdict. It was a hard decision making process because of the great quality of the submitted works, but one stood out from the beginning.

Deadless remix by DIRTY BIRD 13 (Ukraine)
This version came in less then 48 hours after the files were put online and the mix immediatley got us hooked as it has everything we want from a remix. It's club oriented, makes creative use of the provided materials, doesn't copy the original song structure but still delivers the song's message.
We are very proud that we can feature this track on our upcoming release
alongside remixes by SUICIDE COMMANDO, GRENDEL, X-RX and others.

but that's not it...

We also couldn't get another version out of our heads, as it takes the song into a completely different direction adding punk guitars, ska vocals and old school synths:

Rioters Anthem by POPULATION (UK)
Those guys really walked the extra mile by recording tons of new material for their mix, fighting with out of date soft and hardware and a puking singer during vocal recordings. It's these reinterpretations that makes us see our music in a different light and it's amazing to witness this new perspective being brought to life.

As we also want to show you this other side of NACHTMAHR's music, the supreme commander decided to feature this cover version / remix as a special bonus track on the next release.

The winners of the contest will be contacted individually.

Thanks to all of you again for your participation and everybody who wants to stay in touch with all the other remixers, you can use this platform: NACHTMAHR Remix Veterans Association on Facebook

the propaganda officer